Sony’s Xperia Play Android Phone Offers Real Gaming Experience

Sony Xperia is for gamers all the way
Of all the features, which make Sony Xperia special, the best is its gaming experience. The large screen and the multitude of gaming options give a real gaming experience to the phone. The phone is slightly bulky when compared to its previous version, but a lot better as far as gaming in concerned. The sliding format that characterizes the phone is good for gaming. Although the thickness of the phone has been increased due to sliding model, it gives scope for a bigger screen, which offers a perfect PlayStation experience to users.

What makes this phone better than others?
Many things make this phone better than others do. However, nothing can beat the phone’s gaming features. Apart from the large screen and real PlayStation kind of buttons, the phone has been given a sturdy body that lends extra safety. Touch pads have been provided instead of Joysticks as in PlayStation 3. Coming from the house of PlayStation creators, the phone encompasses all that is necessary for high tech gaming. The best part of gaming is that the playing in this phone does not feel like playing in a device that is not exclusively meant for playing. Users tend to forget that the phone is not actually a PlayStation.

Latest Xperia Update
A new update for Sony Xperia Play has been released a couple a days ago. The operating system has been updated to Android 2.3.3. These update also apply for Xperia Arc. The updates are expected to improve several features in the phone, especially in Xperia Arc. One of the features that has been wanted in the phone is a longer battery life. The update will bring improvement in this regard.  FaceBook is another feature that has been added in the phone in the updated version.

Gaming features of the phone
Sony Xperia consists of seven high-powered PlayStation games. Users can find the most popular PlayStation games in the phone, making it a perfect double of the gaming console. The phone consists some of the classic games from all versions of PlayStation. Executives of the company have promised to work on including further classic games in the phone. The design and features of the phone give it a completely authentic PlayStation appeal. Playing on the phone is very similar to the experience of playing on a standalone portable gaming device

What are the other features and the cost?
This Play phone is available for $200. Buyers also obtain a two-year warranty from Sony Ericson. The phone runs on 3G. It is equipped with stereo speakers to aid perfect sound effects while gaming. The phone is GPRS enabled and has a 5 megapixel camera. The phone provides all the usual features in messaging such as SMS, MMS, IM, Push Email and Email. It is available in two colors – black and white. The only thing that plays a spoilsport in the phone’s perfect portfolio is its low battery life. However, with the new update that has been launched, this limitation is sure to improve.