Sonys New Launch Is Inexpensive But Brilliant

The Sony Bravia KDL 32EX403 promises to make one of the biggest deals in the history of television manufacturing as the makers Sony have coming up with the combination of a cheap price and some brilliant features.  A very classy look of this 32 inches TV makes it even more desirable. This device probably has all the features that you like to have within a TV. He TV looks elegant at the first sight. The grey and black colour tone also works quite well with the TV. There is more number of ports than what one may actually expect when the person considers the cheap price of the TV. There are as many as four HDMI ports as is found in the 32 inches TVs and also one USB port. You can also have an access to internet videos with the help of the LAN port.

The Bravia KDL uses the CCFL lighting rather than the LED lighting which is probably one of the reasons that have brought down the prices. The picture quality is good and there are a good number of options to help you adjust the pictures. However one may notice a resolution loss and some blurriness in the images. The blur may not create any trouble while watching the TV at normal times but it may cause trouble while watching some of the films. The pictures are sharp and the colour tones are good as the colours are brilliant and lively. The detailed and clear images of the HD quality are quite rarely seen in TVs at such a price. The Freeview HD tuner on the other hand works well. The sound quality is also quite surprisingly excellent.

There are a few drawbacks in this TV as well which may be highlighted at this point. For example, there are some formats such as the AVI is not supported here. The remote control at times may not work that properly or we may say that it is a bit unresponsive in certain situations. Again as said earlier the resolution is also apparent in this TV. When all these disadvantages are considered one obvious thing has to be kept in mind. The TV is priced well below the normal price of a TV having all these features. Hence some of these shortcomings can be excused. The Sony Bravia KDL 32EX403 has the features of a highly priced TV but it is actually not that highly priced at all. Hence it will surely cause quite a stir in the television market.