Sony’s New Terms And Conditions With Play Station Irks Customers

??Sony offers excellent products but the terms and conditions of the company are not user friendly. The new Play Station with the reduction in price releases into the market, it comes with a new set of terms and conditions that are not favorable to customers. According to the rules of the company with regard to filing lawsuits, it has been stated that customers can sue the company only after the acceptance of the company. In other words, a customer cannot sue the company unless the company permits it, which is an absurdly meaningless clause. The clause has been included in the Terms of Service that come with PSN. Customers have been weary of the company’s terms for some time now. The company has had to face a lot of lawsuits when the hacking debacle occurred.

This time, the company has attempted to cover up the repercussions that might occur if there is there is another case similar to the previous one. While the company seems to have protected itself, it has been disastrous for its public relations since the customers are fuming. As of now, Sony is facing a major lawsuit filed against the company following the major breach of privacy of customers following the hack. The hack affected over seventy seven people who used Sony devices. The firm representing these 77 million is Rothken law firm. The case will continue and will not be affected by the company’s new policy. This has raised questions about the fairness, accountability and responsibility that the company owes its customers. With a free rein to companies to form their terms and conditions, customers are left with no resort in case they face a major problem such as the security breach.

Besides the currently running lawsuit, Sony has faced and still faces a number of other lawsuits as well. However, although the final judgment by courts has been in favor of customers in a number of cases, the result has never been satisfactory. This goes on to show that customers really cannot use the legal way to obtain justice for the problems that they have had to face. Some of the cases such as the Hot Coffee case, judgment was in favor of the affected class but each person was ordered to be given just $5. There are many other cases like this one. The big question that now arises is whether customers do have a resort to approach in case of gross miscarriage of justice.