Spread Your Expectation With Apple WWDC 2011

The brand of Apple has not yet just confirmed the uncharacteristically detailed in their next week’s WWDC announcement. So what we should expect from it. A new hardware? As I think probably not.

Additionally Apple does not yet usually tells us what kind of Steve Job will be introduced there. Where it is very nice to imagine an another thing where this Jobs unveils a solar powered iPad than can be turned on the bases of the metals into gold, also the detail which the announcement of the PR suggests that Apple is not trying to manage some expectations from here, specifically about the software.

iCloud Service:

The rumors of the services is right, iCloud is Apple’s new media streaming service in which the music locker as well as the music streaming facility is given. Also the Business week reporting stated that it will quite be able to scan your iTunes library in order to access the same songs from any other apple devices.

OS X Lion:

We are now being excited about this for ages because Lion promises for bringing the best iPad ideas back to the Mac along with auto saving features, more multi touch facilities, full screen facility or a brand new version of the Mail as well as the file saving.

iOS 5:

As we are expecting for a major upgrade of the Apple iPod, because the iPad and iPhone Os is the main form of iOS 5, though we need to be expected to get our hands on it before the year of September. Now iCloud integration is already given and this will be interesting to see if the purported “deeply control of voice” can make an appearance or not.

Improved notification must needed to be removed which is one of the more annoying things about the iOS as well as now it is possible that Spaces as well as the weights will make their way from OS X to iOS.