Sprint Network Users Facing Speed Problem With iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S hit the market a few days ago. There was high enthusiasm and interest among people to try the new present from the giant mobile manufacturing company Apple. But it seems that the enthusiasm is running towards end very soon. Some of the new iPhone 4S buyer has reported problem with their newly acquired iPhone 4S that this device is running in a very slow speed on the Sprint Network. Some of the users were about to return it when they experienced such inconveniences with their iPhone 4S.

According to the users on the iPhone 4S the Sprint network is giving such a slow performance that it is even impossible to watch or download videos from YouTube or using Google Match. Even the outstanding feature offered by Apple the Siri Voice Application is not working in such a slow speed of network. The complaints appeared for the first time on the Web thread of the Sprint Community on 14th of October 2011. Early this morning similar more complaints have come up saying that the iPhone 4S in too slow on 3G network to be useful for any application.

An user called “fridge09” who is from San Antonio has registered a complaint that his new iPhone 4S on Sprint’s 3G CDMA/EV-DO Rev is offering download speed of .20 mbps, while the HTC Evo 4G is offering 1.52 mbps download speed on the same 3G network mentioned before. The user has also expressed his hope that the problem may be solved if he goes back to the AT&T’s network.

Banned True, who is also an user has reminded all the iPhone 4S users that if anyone desires to return it then he will have to do it within 14 days of purchasing it because once these 14 days are over Sprint is not going to receive it back.

However according to the Sprint reps the problems will be fixed by the mid of Thursday.