Sprint’s New Generation 4G LTE Roll Out

Sprint network is going to introduce a 4G LTE roll out very soon probably at the end of the year as they felt that they are gradually going to the back foot in the present competition with the Verizon and the AT&T networks. As per information they are planning to bring within scope nearly 120 million people before the ending of next year. More over they believe that they will be able to bring in coverage 250 million people more when the roll out will be in a full phase after one year.

Sprint has been hedging for the bets to adopt LTE since a year. The company possesses a maximum portion of share in Clearwire. They have been using the share for WiMax Technology. Most recently they have planned to set up their own LTE network. But from the above described situation it must not be concluded that Sprint will be able to ditch Clearwire, because they have already signed a contract till 2012.

That big step was really very necessary for Sprint, because with time new approaches taken by Verizon and AT&T was gradually pushing Sprint to the back foot. For a come back Sprint must have to do something. Experts are now starting to consider the step taken by Sprint as a very hopeful step.

It will be the 15th LTE device. You can expect it to come to the market in the coming summer. The new devices that will be found to associate the LTE are mobile phones, tablets, data cards, modems etc. But you must have to keep in mind that, although we can mention a number of devices, still at the company’s side no specific device has been mentioned.

Another benefit for the users will be the multi mode CDMA/ WiMax/ LTE hotspots that will be able to cover a widespread range of connectivity options.