Star War Blu-Rays Offering THX Media Detector Tech

The most well known game Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray Boxset will appear in the market on this coming September 12 – according to a new report.

The above report has also stated that this brand new upcoming version are coming in the market along with holding the hand of THX’s new Media Director ‘smart content’ technology –which on the other hand will enable your home entertainment hardware for automatically choosing the most appropriate video and audio playback settings – in short you will always get the option what the detector intended.

The above technology will work with the help of a metadata, which successfully encoded into this software – whatever you want to play is that Blu-ray or console game or any CD. Moreover, this brand new Media Detector will enable the hardware at the time of playing anything like TV or a Blu-Ray player and it is true at this time we have not found any such opponents of it in the market.

Taken and Given away:

Though, it is expected that this could change in the upcoming years, because THX has already announced at the CEDIA 2011 Expo that they are now signing up many electronic experts such as Sigma Designs, Analog Devices and Silicon Image for fulfilling this purpose or in order to make this product easier to be developed.

So, on that sense it can be easily stated that the buyers of the Star Wars package can think themselves as future proofed and more glad news is that more Media Director-certified discs are now waiting in a queue to be appeared in the coming months.

Last but not in the list Rick Dean, THX’s Senior Vice President, has stated “You will always be able to feel the depth of intensity and contrast of color which are bounded with this device, because this is entirely based into the look and feel of any movie – like personally tune your TV.”