Talking cars might be a reality in the near future

If one likes the movies about talking cars like Transformers and Cars, then this news would also interest one.  BBCNews reports the possibility of talking cars hitting the highway in the near future.

The report states the creation of software by Scientists from the University of Bologna in Italy letting cars communicate with each other.  This technology is not new since the world has already seen something like this before.

To prove that it is effective, a computer simulation done for the purpose of testing the software proves that resulted to less than 40% pile-ups on the streets.

The real test for the software is going to be done by August 2011 on the streets and motorways of Los Angeles using Toyota modeled cars.

The system will be using telematics (unity of information and informatics among cars), which is going to combined with the Internet.

Scientists aim at linking all the cars though the use of Wi Fi. The car is going to feature a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor into it.

Team leader Professor Marco Roccetti says the new technology could have a substantial impact on the society, particularly the owners of such high-tech cars.

Once the car detects any blockage in front of it, it immediately stops running.

Team member Professor Gustavo Marfia claims to let the car to communicate with other cars, people able to know how many kilometers other cars ahead.

The cars can talk through acceleration sensors incorporated inside the car.  Whenever an abnormal condition is present the car would send a message to the other car informing them of what had just happened ahead.

The alarm alerts several cars that are in the same street so that cars could avoid piling up in that certain street.

Professor Marfia says the downside will happen, if the car involved in the accident sends a signal to other cars.  The message box would be flooded, which may result to the malfunction of the software.

One way to counteract this problem is to limit the cars that could send the message.  Scientists have devised a strategy to do just that.  They are going to install the applications on cars that have the capability of sending the message to the farthest cars.

All cars must be constantly swapping data so that they could become stagnant, which are in the best position.

With the information updated every second, the talking cars project expected to be a success.

Highway would be  a safer place to drive through, once the system is finally installed on cars.