Teachers and Students not allowed to talk via Facebook

A teacher from Missouri is filing a suit against the state because of a new law  not allowing teachers to talk with their students online.  The teacher claims that the legislation had made it illegal to talk with her child on the social network, Facebook.

The new law called Facebook Law, which stops improper communications and sexual bad behavior by allowing teachers from holding to have a chat on non-working sites.

However, Christina Thomas, a Ladue School District teacher, claims in her protest that the district has published a notice to all the teachers that all of them cannot directly get in touch with their own children on Facebook and other social networks if they have a relationship of being a teacher and a student – both present and former student.

According to the new law, students are those under 18, that attend school, in which the teachers are working.  This is the problem of the teacher, who filed the lawsuit since her children also goes to the same school that she is teaching.

According to the Republican State Senator Jane Cunningham, who sponsored the bill, informed The Huffington Post before this month that the measure want to discourage any private communication between teachers and students without the parent or school official administration.

Charol Shakeshaft, a professor of educational leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University, agreed that the bill is a terrific way to stop sexual abuse in schools involving a teacher and a student.

She claimed that there are approximately 10 per cent of public school students back in 2000, having  some experienced with a force sexual harassment or abuse from their teacher.

She cited that private contact with a student is not necessary for teaching.  This is the same thing in school, where school administrator would say teacher cannot be seen inside with a room with only one student.

In the previous months, there have been a lot of cases wherein the teacher had an immoral relationship with their students.

The latest is just last week, where the 27-year-old Texas educator, Jordan Lane got arrested getting involved in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

Before that, previously this month Amy Jackson, 35, from Bulloch County, Georgia got arrest following the event wherein she has sex with a 14-year-old boy. She persuaded the boy to have a sex with her via Facebook.

However, Thomas’ complaint, filed in conjunction with by the American Civil Liberties Union, is asserting the guideline defies the First and 14th Amendments.