Telex – A New Software To Access Blocked Websites

Last week scientists have developed a new kind of system with the help of which you will be able to access blocked internet websites. Here is not over but aside from that this new kind of approach could render internet virtually impervious towards any types of censorship, has made by the government.

In this regard the team of scientists from the Universities of Michigan and Waterloo, Canada has already set its name – it is called “Telex.

J. Alex Halderman, developer of Telex, has stated “It will require more support from the nations in order to make it friendly for fulfilling the cause of an open and free internet.”

Michigan statement has reported that in the present day some anti censorship schemes are helping users to bypass the blocks by routing  them through an external server – in short proxy server. But the most interesting thing is the sensor can even monitor those content of traffic throughout the whole network and most eventually it can blocks the proxy too.

Working of Telex:

User can install Telex software easily. There’s a lots of website available in the internet for downloading this software, in the mean time if you want, you can borrow a copy from your friend or others and the outside ISP (Internet Service Provider) of all over the world can deploy an equipment – named as Telex Stations.

While user wants to visit a blocked website then he or she has to enable a secure connection. In general the Telex software always mark the connection as a Telex request with the help of a secret tag code, which they are placed into the page headers. It is a hidden technique – usually known as “public-key steganography.

After that the user request will pass through the router of various ISPs or Telex Stations by holding a privet key, which in general helps them to recognize those tag connections from Telex clients. Thus, the users will completely be able to access those block websites.

It will present at the USENIX Security Symposium in San Francisco on coming Friday.