The Ceder Trail Family Of Intel Processors Knocking At The Door

Intel is going to introduce the Ceder Trail family in two waves – first the D2500 and the D2700, the nettop-oriented atoms and then the N2600 and the N2800. The two new members of Ceder Trail family are expected to hit the market in this month, but the official release is postponed to this November. The delay in release is made due to some problems stemming from Intel’s direct 10.1 graphic drivers. However, these two processors are already updated to Intel’s price list.

Back in September Intel announced a specification of the two processors. According to that, D2500 and D2700 are based on Intel’s 32nm process technology, which is capable of power reduction and designed to save battery life. They feature dual processing cores and 1Mb of L2 cache. The D2500 runs at the frequency of 1.86 GHz with a 400 MHz integrated graphics core, while its more expensive sibling has 2.13 GHz with 640 MHz integrated graphics core and they both include 10W thermal design power.

Intel has designed the chips to associate different kinds of low-powered desk top solutions including nettop and compact productivity machines. They are soon expected to replace the N455 and N475 Pine Trail processors.

Ceder Trail is expected to overcome the bad reputation that the company has earned in last days due to its lousy integrated graphics performance. It seems that Intel has delivered much concentration to the graphics speed of the new arrivals. But according to slides leak the IGP of the new Ceder Trail processors will still lag behind the AMD’s Fashion APUs.

Although the exact price of the new processors has not yet been declared, it is expected to range $ 42 and $ 47 respectively. For more information about the two processors we have to look forward.