The demise of the forbidding and cold PC

It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, from this it must follow that computers are from Uranus. They are cold, unwelcoming and extremely user-unfriendly. For the PC its been a few tough weeks since it has turned 30. It is getting replaced by those gleaming smartphones and tablets. One of the engineers who have designed the PC said that is going the way of vinyl and the typewriters. Now, HP is also going to spin off its PC business completely. PCs will soon be eclipsed with TVs which are internet enabled. To add to this PC is now being accused of being arrogant and unfriendly and it is also being said that it is the architect of its own downfall.

There has always been a strange relationship between mankind and PC. People spend more time glaring at the screen of their PCs than they spend with their beloved. Even after sharing such a deep relationship with the PC people don’t trust it. And it reciprocates by crashing down just when we have not saved some important work that we were doing. There is no other solution to this except to go back and do it all over again. The demise of the PC was coming since long, and it can be owed to the refusal of software and hardware designers to create a PC that would cater to the various needs of individuals. Earlier in the week, HP’s TouchPad tablet which has been launched in competition to Apple’s iPad created great excitement. HP slashed the price of the model, £349 to £89 for the 16GB TouchPad and £429 to £115 for the 32GB model. If you are planning to run and get one now, then you should know that you are pretty late, the models sold out rapidly.

Can it be assumed that this has shown a way to many brave rivals on how to come into the market and challenge Apple’s lead? According to a recent research by eDigitalResearch and IMRG almost one-third people will do their Christmas shopping using their smartphones this Christmas. The popularity of using smartphones for shopping and browsing is growing tremendously and so this is very obvious. The research also found that a little less than 50% people will use their smartphones for purchasing gifts. Also, almost one in three shoppers will spend almost 50% of their Christmas budget on online shopping.