The Kindle Tablet Promises To Be A New Sensation In The Tablet Market

Amazon, the giants of the e-commerce industry will soon come up its new Kindle tablet which is ready to become a formidable competitor in the market. Amazon is a massive brand which is popular amongst the people. It helps them to buy books and get hold of different other items and even has an Android store.

This brand name is expected to help Amazon create a storm with its new launch and go head to head with the iPad giants Apple and other big names like Motorola and Samsung as well. Although it is expected to maintain its authority in the tablet market, the Apple iPad is probably under its biggest threats because experts has already predicted that the Kindle tablet will sell up to 5 million units by the end of the year.

It is claimed that the Kindle tablet uses the Android OS and it has a 7 inch display which is neither too large nor too short. Sources have also confirmed that the tablet may come up with a new version of 10 inch display. The 7 inch display is also a bit tricky because this may probably discourage comparisons with the Apple iPad and hence the major competitions of the Kindle tablet will come in the form of like Lenovo A1 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The price of this tablet will probably be $250 which can turn out to be quite consumer friendly. This price of $250 may include a $79 membership subscription in the Amazon Prime which in that case will make the actual price of the tablet amount to $171.

The name of this tablet is derived from the popular Amazon e-reader, Kindle. However it is expected to be more than just an e-reader because of the fact that Amazon with its wide range of books and music will actually come up with an entertaining device. Apple is the most dominant force in the when it comes to the tablet manufacturers as it produces the iPad which has millions of enthusiastic users around the world. Hence to topple the iPad giants or to become a major competition in the tablet market will be a very difficult job for the Kindle tablet. Here obviously Amazon’s popularity and respect may come into play. This combined with the use of the Android and the dedication of the people in the Kindle community will help Amazon to become an important force it this tablet market.