The Navy wants their own page on Google +

The Navy is currently considering of using the newest social networking giant in the Internet.  Of course, I am talking about the one and only Google +.  Although, it is only a month old Facebook got scared of the new social site as it is extremely popular.

Reports claim that the Navy is going to have a page on Google +.  The Navy will be using it as another way to share files, share news, and a lot more.

Navy’s director of emerging media integration, Lt. Lesley Lykins, says they are considering the use of Google+ for communicating, but they are still waiting for the platform to be revealed.

Right now, Google Plus can only be used by individuals.  There are a few companies that tried to use it, but Google + deleted the account.  Google claims that they are still developing the platform for business purpose.  Right now, they are trying to focus the site on individuals. They do not want companies to advertise anything on their site.

Some business that tries to setup their own page on Google + has already experienced the wrath of Google Plus.  Take note, that these are not the small ones.  Companies such as Ford Motors and Sesame Street got their business on the site earlier last month, but Google + deleted their page.  Shame on them, for insisting something that Google + does not approve.

The navies want to have their own page on the upcoming Google for Business as they plan to communicate using the new platform.  However, the business model is going to be revealed at the end of the year.  The Navy will have to wait by then or risk up getting embarrassed by the youngest competitor of Facebook.

Perhaps, the navies are taking the social site into consideration since it has some unique feature which would send a message to a person in private.  The Navy does not fear that anything they are talking about through the use of message chat is going to be available to the public.

The group chats and live video conversation will be a powerful tool for them to communicate.  They will need both features to exchange information on some important matters about the security of their country.  They know that only those who are a member of the navy can access the group chat.

By the end of July, Google + users have already grown to more than 20 million users despite the fact that the site is just 1 month old.  On top, of that Google have not advertised their site yet.  People can join Google + by means of invitation only.