The Nokia C2-03 Has Some Decent Features

The Nokia C2-03 is out and it possesses some decent specifications. The phone will be liked by some of the individuals because of the availability of some respectable features. The phone has a slider mechanism but the keys in the sliding keypad are sometimes a bit difficult to manage. One may find it hard to type messages because the keys are small and are quite close to each other.  However there is nothing to complain about the slider and it works quite well enough. The appearance of the phone is not that classy. It is around 0.67 inches thick and hence it does not go for the slimmer look. The volume rocker and the keypad lock buttons are on the side of the phone.They are extremely easy to deal with and the user will certainly like the availability and the usefulness of these buttons.

However, one of the most amazing features of the Nokia C2-03 is that it can function with two sim cards simultaneously. Hence the phone will be quite useful to persons who use two phones at a time for various reasons. The display of the Nokia C2-03 is of a respectable 2.6 inches. It has the touchscreen facility which makes it level with some of the other contemporary phones. However it is a bit uneasy to make proper use of the touchscreen. This is because it is not as responsive as one would expect it to be. The colour tones also not up to the mark. There is a low colour depth in the display of the phone and hence they may not provide the user with the maximum satisfaction when it comes to making use of the display.

Also there is not sufficient amount of light in the display. This makes it tough for a person to use the phone when he is out in bright sunlight. Some of the other features of the phone are good although not extraordinary. The phone is driven by the Series 40. It is obviously not exceptional but it is not bad either. It does not support the 3G connectivity and one will have to be satisfied with using 2G only. The phone has a 2 megapixel camera which works pretty well. Users may also find the internal memory to be a bit low. Nokia C2-03 is not brilliant but as said earlier it has some decent features which may attract some of the customers.