Tips for a great CIO

A CIO must bring a positive change. A Chief Information Officer, or CIO, has the responsibility of directing and operating the information technology department of an organization. Certain skills and qualifications are required to earn this title. No one can know if a CIO has gone from good to great without working with him or her in depth and seeing their track record.  All of the CIOs are generally great for time-to-time, but sustained greatness is something different. There are a few others more signs that are indicative that a CIO might be great in no particular order. Firstly, a CIO must have a great team to work with.

This is often the last thing mentioned in lists comparing good to great, but it should be the first thing because , it is the team which actually work and if the team in unskilled, then the goal cannot be achieved. Great CIOs describe their company in terms of its fundamentals, the things that drive earnings per share, market success and customer choice. They take complex issues and speak about them without over simplification. They recognize that they do not have all the answers and that every answer or plan can be strengthened with good questions. Greatness in a CIO is not a function of the company they work for, the salary they earn, the size of their title or other factors.

As a CIO, one must prepare himself for the duties of a CIO. This can include managing people, vendor relationships and business operations. It can also include researching technology and industry trends, setting goals and attending conferences. One must be ready for long hours and frequent travel and Determine if he has the right personality qualifications. Self-confidence, intelligence, wisdom, good judgment and motivation are all good qualities. It’s also important to know your limits, have an interest in using technology to improve your business and show ethical behaviour.
The most important thing which must be there in a great CIO is smart decision making. Being able to make wise choices about projects, resources and supply sources are the key to success. Sifting through Demand, sorting through Supply and then picking or consulting the business on the optimal actions will certainly bring the CIO to a different level in the business’ eyes. CIOs should talk business language not technical jargon. Focus on driving revenues up rather than cutting costs.

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