Tracfone Launches Its First Android Smartphone

TracFone, the prepaid carrier, is all set to launch its first Android smart phone. The brand under which the phone will be launched is Straight Talk and it is provided at Walmart. The new device is an offshoot of Samsung Galaxy Prevail. It is called Galaxy Precedent and is for Boost Mobile. The date of the launch is yet to be clarified but the device will enter the market this September. The Galaxy Precedent will be an entry-level device powered by the Android technology. The hardware of Galaxy Precedent is the same as that of Galaxy Prevail. The major features of the device are a 2 mega pixel camera, 2.3 inch display and the operating system is Android 2.2 Froyo. As of now Galaxy Prevail is being sold for $180.

However, TracFone is expected to bring out the Precedent version to be lower and will probably settle at around $150. Reviews of the yet to be released phone are already doing the rounds on the net and can be checked for further details and specifications. The launch of an Android device on a platform such as Straight Talk is expected to open up the operating system to every body, ranging from the lowest end to the highest echelons. The entry level device will come equipped with a number of features. While Straight Talk is not new to the smart phone industry and has brought out smart phones in the past, it has never had an android launch.

The previous smart phones were all based on Nokia 6970 which is powered by the Symbian Technology. Smart phones based on Nokia E71 were also released by the company. Straight Talk has planned prepaid services for Galaxy Precedent. As of now, the company is offering a prepaid plan of $45 per month. The features provided in the plan are attractive and include unlimited texting and unlimited talktime, besides providing internet connectivity. The network providers for the devices are T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. A number of speculations are doing rounds about the open source nature of Android after the Google-Motorola deal. A number of people are also expecting that Google’s Android will no longer remain an open source since now it has its own phone manufacturing center. It has yet to be seen what repercussions the deal will have on companies that use Android for their devices. As of now, there has been no official statement from Google about changing the status of Android.