Twitter now ready to add more ads

It seems that Twitter beginning to commercialize their service as they are now planning to include some ads on every page.  However, they are taking their time on choosing which ads network are they going to use on their site and where the ads should appear.

Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo told reporters at a briefing at the company’s San Francisco headquarters on Thursday that they want to remain independent as much as possible, to be able to grow the business the way they want to, and not to include some ads as much as possible.

Costolo said that Twitter want to increase its revenue by adding some ads on the site.

The first time when the company tries to how some ads is way back in 2010.  They have taken all the precautionary measures so that their users will not get annoyed.  However, Twittter got surprised with the interaction with ads since it exceeded the company’s expectation.

Costolo added that they are now planning to expand the number of ads since they are getting some decent feedback about it.

Twitter is in the same terms with Facebok and Zynga when tic comes to popularity.  Each user could send up to 140 characters to all their followers.

Currently the site is home to more than 100 million active users, who use the site at least once a month.

Twitter, which previously revealed that it had 200 million, who have already signed up, said the number of active users had improved 82 percent since the year started, and that half of its active users use the site every day.

Analysts had sought after the number of users that are using the site for a daily basis, one of the most significant details in analyzing the business potential of a web business.

As of now, Facebook holds the most numbers of users as they have around to 750 million users worldwide.

The search engine giant, Google introduced their social site and called it as Google+.  Some people claim that the site would pull out many of Twitter users away from the latter site.

However, Costolo said that he has a doubt that Google+ is going to pull out many of the users of Twitter, since it has its name attached to the search engine.  Each one of Twitter and Google+ has something to offer uniquely on its own.

In an appeal, to boost  more marketers; Twitter is going to implement ads on its service known as “promoted tweets”, which is only going to be delivered to a selected number of users.