Twitter Unveils Its Own Photo Posting App

Social Networking Website Twitter has launched a new application in their website with the help of which the user of it will be able to post a photograph directly within the body of a Tweet without the help of any third party photo sharing application or websites.

In this purpose Twitter is now providing their user a short camera icon, which user can see under the Tweet box at the time of Tweet something. With the help of this icon user can easily upload and browse photos of their own choice.

Telegraph UK has reported that recently Twitter has linked up with a third party photo sharing company – Photobucket, which will host all their photos. Though, in this case the help center of Twitter is indicating that the user of tweeter can now share their photos also by using third party video sharing service like earlier.

But, it aside from that indicates a matter of worry for all the third party companies and developers, because before it these tools were provided only by them.

Moreove,r in this case Dick Costolo, the Chief Executive or CF of Twitter, has stated “This brand new type of photo sharing serve is completely being able to remove the entire function from the adding photos, in general are created at the time of Tweets.”

But, at the time of its beginning till this camera icon button is in gradual, because at present only some selected users can get the access to this new application, though it is only available on Twitter’s new version.

Moreover the authority of Twitter has also declared that they will remove all the exchangeable image file format or EXIF data from all the uploaded photos here in order to maintain user privacy.