Twitter Will Open Up New Blog For UK Visitors

Social networking website Twitter has now decided to open up a new blog for UK users. In this matter the authority of Twitter has declared that they will open their new blog in order to showcase some of the big names from Britain, who are using their website regularly.

With the sequence with that above fact the authority of twitter has also stated that in the present time maximum users of them in UK are interested in UK celebrities and sports starts, that’s why they are opening this blog to get more regional approach by considering 100 million users.

UK Favorites list:

An honorable spoke person of Twitter has stated in their blog “From the museums to the downing street cat as well as from the chef to the designers all around the world are now using their website and more interestingly they have shared their ideas and information to them many times, which approximate counting are more than 100 million.”

Just after finishing the first one he has also said “In order to kick off our UK blog, we actually want to broadcast a list of our favorites name from here at home.”

Though in this matter in their blog they have already published few names – which include the name of some big personalities such as Wayne Rooney, British Museum, Jamie Oliver and more interestingly the Met Police.

The authority of this social networking giant Twitter has announced that in this coming December they will expand their entire options into Europe, but it may base either Ireland or London – because they have not yet be able to fix the exact place.

The entire news and this report have published in a Twitter official blog in UK earlier this week.