UK agencies loosing spies to private sectors

Reuters report British Spies might end up working for private companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other giant companies all over the globe.  Each one of the companies offers salaries that are three to four times the salary of spies’ current salary rate.

According to the Intelligence and Security Committee their concerned that a cut of 11 percent funding will seriously affect their work.  It might not affect them now as it still too early to tell, but they are sure that they are going to feel it over the next four years.

Every year, UK agencies are losing competent people working for them to the employer, which could offer them a bigger paycheck.

Director, Iain Lobban, say he need real talents in order to battle cyber crime and the moment that his employees resigned, it would be hard to find a decent replacement.

He can offer them exciting job, but when it come to salary, he could not compete with what the companies offer.

Each month, the agencies are losing some top spy since the offer for them to join a certain company is three times their current salary, package with a car or anything else.

The Committee reports that Single Intelligence Account that funds all the three agencies climb from 800 million pounds ($1.28 billion) to 2 billion over the past decade.

However, the governments reduce the rate by 11.3 percent since April this year.

The reduced funding will have a significant impact on the operation on the three agencies.   Whenever serious threats arise, the remaining agents will have a hard time fighting cyber crime.  The problem will need tough decision, which will affect the cyber crime rate on their country.

GCHQ, the agency, responsible for protecting, Britain from cyber securities issue and counteract the wrongdoing of the hackers present has around 5,675 employees.

Back in 2010, Lobban claims that other countries are already using cyber warfare to bring down their hated country.  They needed experts to protect their system and counteract this modern warfare.  Each month, British governments computers, becomes the target by hackers around the world 1,000 X.

The report also said that GCHQ’s work on cyber security includes protecting Britain’s cyber infrastructure, detecting and analyzing electronic attacks on British interests, intelligence gathering and developing military cyber ability for the UK.

With the decreased sum of funding for all three agencies, there will come a day that there will be single spy willing to work for the three agencies.  British computer would be subjected to numerous attacks form hackers worldwide.