UK calls for tougher cybercrime law worldwide

Tuesday, crime and security minister James Brokenshire, call for a meeting regarding cybercrimes.  He wants to make sure that hackers worldwide can be prosecuted wherever they are.

At an event in London, Brokenshire said that an international problem  needs a appropriate response worldwide.  Cybercrime is not limited within a country.

The newest attack around the globe involves defense contractor Lockheed Martin.  The hacker used the stolen data to access systems.

At the moment, the most effective global treaty is the European Convention on Cybercrime created back in May 2009.  Nevertheless the treaty does not include China and Russia.

European Convention on Cybercrime speaks about the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (Icspa).  A global organization seeking to train local police forces from all over the world on dealing with high-tech criminals also bring collaborated effort on a common issue.  Some of the founding members are McAfee and Trend Micro, and UK online retailer Shop Direct Group.

The organization will help in coordinating justice and law agencies, also private sector.

In a video statement, Prime Minister David Cameron said that forms powerful network to haunt and face cybercrime.

Former home secretary David Blunkett, understood that since the attack of LulzSec and Anonymous on numerous websites, demonstrate how hackers can shutdown business.

Blunkett added that one need to be sure that Britain is the best place for doing business online, also Britain as a leader should understand the danger of cyber revolution.

In the coming September, Icspa plans on linking up with Europol, a European law enforcement agency to seek funding from other European countries, as stated by organization’s chief executive, John Lyons.  After a month, the organization plans of applying for funding from the US, also UK, Canada and Australia in the coming month respectively.  The five countries are part of the “Five Eye” forums that deal with cyber-problems, but Icspa do not have plans on seeking help from New Zealand.

In UK, the organization will collaborate with Cabinet Office and the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (Ocsia) for imminent countries.

Together with Europol and Ocsia, UK determined to set up links to law enforcement and outreach.

Icspa is going to conduct training in countries such as South America, Russia and China.

Rik Ferguson, solutions architect at the security company claimed that they will go high-tech with fighting cybercrimes by training police officers.  A weel-trained police will be a great help in fighting cybercrimes.