UK Government are not going to close down social sites during riots

On Thursday, the UK claims that they were not seeking on closing social networks during civil disturbances.  The UK government believes they does not needed to since there are better ways to take control of the riots than blame social media for it.

A recent meeting in social network to be constructive rather than destructive as the earlier claims suggested. Home Secretary Theresa May, police and executives from Research in Motion’s Blackberry Messenger uses social networks in a way that would help the country.

The meeting hoped to build on cooperation to attack criminal elements, which are using the social network for their evil plans, but added that there were no plans to take desperate action.

Police and MPs say they have some proof that social media got used by the rioters to instigate a mass riot across the country two weeks ago.

Countless rioters used the BBM since they could not get exposed compared to the social media that expose some of their information online.  Also, there is the fact that the messages on BBM were all encrypted, making going after the criminals even harder to track down.

After the meeting, between the UK government, and Facebook.  The company says  they are welcoming the fact that a dialogue about acting together to keep people secure rather than about enforcing new restrictions on Internet services.

Through the use of Facebook, the people near the riot are able to communicate with their love ones.  Facebook explains that the site got used by many people in a positive way during the riots.   The company emphasized the fact that the site  never used for any illegal activity.

Facebook has come up with the decision that they could take down pages that other people might find as oppressive towards someone or a country.  Especially, when there are riots that are haunting the city.

RIM said that they have an open and positive dialogue with the UK authorities and “to operate within the context of UK regulations.”

In the instant outcome of the riots, RIM said it works together with all telecommunications, law enforcement and regulatory authorities, but did not say whether if they are going to hand over chat logs or user information to police.

Online social media companies, also admitted that their services widely used by members of the British public to help other people to avoid trouble spots.

Such a move usually condemned as oppressive when used by other countries. Just like, the time when the Arab Spring revolution in North Africa and the Middle East takes place.