UK Leading Newspaper The Guardian Releases Android App

After long deliberation, the leading UK newspaper, The Guardian has released an app that will make the newspaper available for Android users. Although Guardian is a newspaper from the United Kingdom, it has a large following all over the world. Some of the features of paper such as analysis of current trends are very popular. There has been a growing demand for the newspaper to come on to smart phone platform and the paper seems to have finally given in to the demands. According to sources who have seen the app, the developers have done an admirable job. The interface is friendly and allows smooth browsing. Further, the app can be customized as per user requirements. It is easy to use. The paper can be navigated on the basis of author of the article, subject and category of news. The app also provides image pages.

The app will provide enjoyable reading experience, being augmented by pictures. In addition, the app also provides video facility.  Updates are included in the newspaper app regularly so, readers are never far from breaking news. Readers can read various news pieces on the go. Customization features of the app are highly admirable. For example, users can change the home page of the app according to their preferences. Podcast facility is also available and hence, users can read as well as listen to the news on their smart phones. Stories can be downloaded from the app. However, the app is not perfect. For one, font size cannot be adjusted. Further, widgets for home screen are yet to be included. For its first release, the app is good but it needs further fine tuning and inclusion of additional facilities. As of now, even without these features, the app is worth having. It keeps users updated with the latest news all through the day.

The app is available for download from Android store. It is a free app. Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the present market. A number of useful app have been provided in the app store. However, users are cautioned to be careful while using the app store since the low security levels has led to an increase in the number of malware attacks through Android apps. Nevertheless, standard apps such as The Guardian app, are safe for download. Users can gain a lot of benefits from downloading the app as apart from gaining access latest news, users can also gain access to puzzles and games in the entertainment section of the paper.