Upcoming Bamboo Series For Creative Computing From Wacom

Wacom India Pvt. Ltd is going to launch their series of brand new tablets shortly. The series will include the Bamboo Fun (medium), the Bamboo Pen & Touch (small) and the Bamboo Pen (small). The Bamboo Pen & Touch and the Fun are ideal for people, who like to work in a light mood, lying on their bed or sofa as it is very light in weight. The users can also use them on the go as they are wireless models. The combined features of multi touch screen and the writing on paper with pen feeling make it the most desirable model for creative minded tablet users.

Bamboo is well known for its multi touch functionality. The coming series of tablets will offer more flexibility in curser movement, rotate and editing photos, surfing the web and also in taking handwritten notes.  With its specialization in multi touch Bamboo has also improved the soft touch grip area, pen buttons and the eraser shape in the coming series of computers. It has been assured at the company’s side that the 1024 pressure level will be unchanged. Moreover, Wacom has designed a new Bamboo App called the Bamboo Paper for the coming Bamboo series that will enable the users to create their personal virtual notebook for their tablets. The users will be able to download the Bamboo Paper for free from the Bamboo Dock.

The new Bamboo series will be available in various bright colors. The systems will run on Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 and Windows XP SP3. With many other exciting features the Bamboo series will enter the market on 13th October 2011. The Bamboo Fun pen & touch will cost Rs. 13,500/- while the Pen & Touch will cost Rs. 7500/- and the Pen will cost Rs. 5500/-.