Upcoming Keyboard App Offering From Siine

With time the Mobile Market has witnessed a bulk number of changes – from the first Mobile Handset to the modern iPhones. Once upon a time we had to spend a long time whenever we tried to type anything in our phone and then came the QWERTY Keypad Handsets that saved a long time in typing. After that came the revolutionary Touch Screen Mobiles. It brought an up root change in the history of mobile handsets.

Now it is time to add some more features to the Touchscreen Mobiles. A Spain/United Kingdom based software developing company named Siine has recently announced that they have designed a new software that can bring changes in same Old Style Of Typing on Mobile Phones as well as Tablets. They have lunched the software early that morning.

The company has claimed that using that software named Siine Writer one will be able to personalize his or her text messages. The software is very useful for the modern people, because it can cut down the time of message typing to half of what it required earlier. The software is available only to the Android Users.

The Keyboard Application will offer a Traditional Keyboard along with a special screen that includes special icons designed by Siine. The users can save their time by using the phrases offers by the application to form a sentence, while typing a text message. The application will offer phrases for each and every occasion like greetings, congratulating, thanks giving and many more. Users will also be able to edit or create new icons. They can also download them from the Virtual Gallery.

This outstanding keyboard application is expected to attract most of the teenagers as well as the adult people, who love to use more and more mobile apps.