Video As A User Title In Windows 8

Using a picture as a picture title has become quite boring today. So we should try something new today. Well do you know that you can use a video as a user title? Believe me this is true and if you not heard that then also no problem, today I shall teach you step by step how you can use a video as a user title. Just follow the rest article carefully. A hack for using both a picture as well as a picture and video clip has simultaneously been also included with it.


  1. Make your video clip, but before making that you should always keep one thing in mind that it must be WMV format.
  2. Also this video clip must be lesser than 10 second length.
  3. Resolution should be 240×180 pixels.
  4. Next browse your windows on the following way,
  5. C : (Windows drive)\ ProgramData \Microsoft\ User Account Pictures\ Default Pictures.
  6. Once you reached there paste your clip there.
  7. Do rename that on the following format:
  9. Now replace x of the rename portion with any number.
  10. Next do right click on the User Title.
  11. Move your cursor towards My Look.
  12. Do select your video that you want to give.
  13. Now hit on the OK button.
  14. If you do the previous work correctly the video will be played when every time user clicks on the User Title.
  15. So this is a simple procedure, just follow the instruction carefully and do it yourself.