Users of Lumia 800 Facing Problem With Poor Battery Life

Giant mobile manufacturing company Nokia revealed its Windows 7 based smartphone Lumia 800 just a few times ago. The tech world was very excited about the Windows phones from Nokia. But to their utter disappointment the Lumia 800 has already disclosed that it has problem with battery life. Many people have registered complaints regarding the battery issues of Lumia 800.

The Finnish mobile manufacturing company has accepted that they are receiving battery related complaints on their Official forum. But they have mentioned although some of the Lumia 800 users are having problems with their mobile’s battery life most of the people are enjoying it absolutely without any problem. Still, Nokia has assured that they will introduce a software update in early December to increase battery life and in January next year a second update will follow for the further development of power efficiency. People who are experiencing bug in batteries may also contact Nokia representatives in their locality for support.

People who are suffering from the battery drainage issue are no doubt unhappy because the devices’ ’battery life’ have been reduced drastically. That is why Nokia is offering support informations on it official forum to temporarily solve the battery life issue although ideas like switching off the phone while not in use do not seem to be able to satisfy users.

A user with the profile name “BrentNewbury” has posted on the forum has it is expected from a reputed company like Nokia to use more polite language in their posts. They should apologize in a gentleman manner for the problem instead of accusing users of using the phone wrongly. What Nokia is advising is to disable all the features that make it a smartphone, mentions the user.

A few days ago Apple’s iPhone 4S shows similar problem with battery life. Apple introduced iOS 5.0.1 to solve the problem and now planning on iOS 5.0.2 for further improvement of battery life.