Vanish The Date From The Taskbar In Windows 7

All the time Windows 7 displays the date next to the time display in the notification area of your taskbar or system tray which is a by default features in this operating system. But you can not do anything with this though you always want to hide the date from the taskbar and save display space in Windows 7. But need not to be worry we are here to give you today’s lesson, with the help of which you can be able to vanish your date from the taskbar and can show the time without the date.


Here is a step by step procedure how to do that:

  1. Do right click on the empty space of your taskbar and select “properties”.
  2. If you do the previous option properly Windows 7 will open the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.
  3. Then you have to make sure that your Taskbar tab is selected.
  4. In default cases Windows 7 generally uses “Large icons” so that your taskbar looks higher like the screenshot below:largeIconsAndDateShowingInTaskbar
  5. Next click on the Use small iconscheckbox on your taskbar properties and click Apply to preview the changes. If you do that properly Windows 7 will make taskbar icon smaller in the mean time it will make your taskbar also smaller. Like the snaps below:hideDateInTaskbarButShowTime
  6. Then you must see that your date is hidden from the taskbar menu, but need not to be afraid with that cause when you want just put your cursor on the time and the date will appear in front of you.showHiddenDateInTaskbar
  7. So what are you thinking for just go to do that and enjoy.