Vatican City is all set to launch the internet news portal

An internet news portal will be launched in Vatican City next week which will for the first time, Gather information from Vatican’s various points, radio and television media and will act as one shop stop in providing information.  It is indeed a remarkable step which will allow people to access information in a new and easy manner. It is imperative to say that the launching of this portal will facilitate people a lot in getting information as this portal will act as a one shop stop for information from Vatican’s various points. The launching of this portal is on its way and it is supposed to be launched in few days. The web address of this portal is

Pope Benedict XVI will himself launch this portal and he will himself put it online with a papal click. Vatican officials said that Benedict is continuously viewing the development of this portal and the launch of this portal is of high priority for them. This portal is a kind of boon for Vatican citizens as they will be able to access all the information in just a click. This portal will be launched on Wednesday which is also the 60th anniversary of Benedict’s ordination as a priest. This day is selected for launching the portal since it is a holy day and indeed the celebrations on that day will get double.

Vatican City

This portal has been developed by Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli and he said that Pope Benedict himself will launch this portal with a click. Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli heads the Vatican office and he believes that it was very necessary to launch this kind of portal as it is an era of modern technologies and this new media will facilitate people a lot. This portal is supposed to be launched by Benedict himself and he will launch it with a click from the Apostolic Palace. This portal will provide latest and current news and Vatican news. It will also allow people to surf through Vatican radio online. This portal will be well equipped with all the current technologies and will support video as well as audio files. Thus, this portal will be very helpful to people in getting information. The news which sounds great is that Benedict will himself put the site online with a click from the Apostolic Palace.