Very Important Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 7 Users

In the present days many people always prefer to use their keyboard only when the works in their computer. The developers of Windows 7 have kept that thing in their mind and brought in quite a lot good features those are

accessible from the keyboard, though some work on the earlier versions of Windows also.  So I am here to familiar you with some very important Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts just follows:

Activate Element Keyboard Shortcuts
Aero Windows Key + Tab
Launched Windows Explorer Windows Key + E
Run Command Windows Key + R
Lock Your Computer Windows Key + L
Projector Windows Key + P
Mobility Center Windows Key + X
Ease of Access Windows Key + U
Search Windows Key + F
Show/Hide Desktop Windows Key + D
Minimize All Windows Windows Key + M
Restore Down / Minimize Current Windows Windows Key + Down
Maximize Current Window Windows Key + Up
OneNote Screen Clipping Tool Windows Key + S
Tile Current Window to the Left Windows Key + Left
Tile Current Windows to the Right Windows Key + Right
Quick launch Windows Key + #
Magnifier Windows Key + =
Cycle Super Taskbar Items Windows Key + T
Back/ Forward Alt + Left/ Right