Viewers Love 3D Experience

Samsung makes 3D movies available on its smart TV series

Three-dimensional viewing is in thing in the television industry. With 3D televisions already released in the market, companies are employing different strategies to boost their sale figures. In its latest marketing bid, Samsung has announced that its customers will now be able to enjoy 3D movies on their smart television. Although the movie library of the electronic giant is pitifully small with just ten movies, additions are expected as time progresses. The company is to launch special apps that can be installed and used to view 3D movies and clippings.3D Televisions Are Now More Accessible

Even as companies are improving their services and ensuring their services, latest surveys report that the feedback for 3D televisions is extremely encouraging and positive. The survey underscores the fact that these new televisions are all set to wipe out older models and rule the television market. Further, people have great expectations regarding the developments in 3D televisions. While the televisions are already high definition, blu-ray is a feature that is expected to be a part of the television. Cost is not a problem for viewers, as per the survey, since the experience of watching 3D videos at home is well worth the price.

3D television without glasses

The only major problem that viewers experience with 3D television is the need to wear glasses. However, new technological innovations have brought forth televisions that can be viewed without glasses. Nissho Electronics have unveiled their latest model, which helps viewers enjoy 3D experience with naked eyes. Further televisions are now available that can be switched from 2D to 3D. This new television has been named as BDL5231-3D2R. It is a LCD high definition model and has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. Several major companies have been researching about 3D televisions without glasses but have not been able to deliver the product as promised. However, expectations are still high and many more models are expected to be in the market shortly.

When will the service be available?

Customers of Samsung will have to wait just a few months in order to enjoy 3D movies. The service is going to be made available in a few countries initially and will gradually be made available to more countries.

What is the future scenario?

High definition three-dimensional channel is on its way for release. Samsung has announced that it will shortly launch a demo channel in 3D. Further, the next big thing in Samsung 3D television is going to be its 3D Explore Apps. These apps are expected to pack a whole range of functions and apparatus to make viewing more pleasurable. Viewers can enjoy access to FaceBook, BlinkBox, Twitter and YouTube through these apps. Plans of expansion of 3D televisions have been stalled up to a certain extent because the sale figures, although high, are lower than those predicted a year ago. Bandwidth is another technical problem that 3D television manufacturers are faced with since 3D televisions require much higher bandwidth than their 2D counterparts do.