Virtual Academy now available for children

A new Academy promises to open a virtual school for the young kids, those who are still on the kindergarten up to eight grade.  The academy claims that they are going to use the online curriculum of K12 Inc.

If you are thinking that there  is no law  for such, you are going to be shocked to know that they already did approve the law.

State Rep. Harry Brooks, the former chairman of the House Education Committee says he got interested with virtual school  when he was still one of the members of the Knox County Board of Education.  During those times, he plans to convincing teenagers to study by providing a program of virtual education.

Education officials believe that online study is an alternative for people who want to get an education from outside the school premises.  Two reasons that I could think why students would want to avail of the program, first the student, might have a career that they want to take care and second, those students who want to be ahead of the pack.

Wayne Goforth, director of Union County Schools say that a student can finish the school program as fast as he can so that he will graduate earlier.

As for sponsoring the school system, the county is going to earn four percent of the pupils tuition on each student that use the program to study.  The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that it could amount to $5,387 for every student who is using the program to study.

Brooks thinks that it will not cause the state to lose money as well as causing regular schools to lose some students to the virtual system.

However, the case would be different for students who are already using homeschooling to prepare for their future.  Virtual academy is much more fun than homeschooling since one could interact with your professor anytime one want.

Now, that we are familiar with the issue of homeschooled kids attending virtual school.  Another issue that the program is going to face is the fact that there is no way that they could use the virtual academy to teach sports, music and arts.  Both Lawmakers and local school officials have already discussed  the athletic issue, but the presence of the virtual academy might not be accepted by other people.

As if those problems were not enough, a public-private partnership watching over the virtual academy would also make things harder for the people running the virtual academy program.