Virtual Helicopter Can Be Controlled By Brain Only

In this age of scientific advancement science and technology have achieved so much progress that most recently it has claimed to allow people to fly helicopter only with the help of their brains. Recently a scientific research has claimed to invent a technology to fly virtual helicopter by using human brain only.

The mentioned research was led by Dr. Bin He of the University of Minnesota. The researchers have mentioned that they believe the newly invented EEG based non – invasive brain computer incorporated in the Helicopter will drive the virtual helicopter continually according to the users thought about the direction.

The users will only have to direct the virtual helicopter by the use of randomly positioned rings. They will just have to think about the direction in which they want to drive their virtual helicopter. The researchers tested the work ability of the virtual helicopter many times and they have assured that the mentioned new device had reached the desired target perfectly 85 per cent of time.

Previous experiments in the similar field demanded invasive treatments to measure the intracranial activity. But the latest invention demands no invasive treatment rather it uses the EEG technology and place a cap make with that tech on the user’s head. That new technology will trace the sensorimotor rhythm which is a wave of human brain and control the virtual helicopter according to that wave.

The researchers are no doubt very happy and satisfied to invent such a technology. The new invention for the first time presents the users such an opportunity to fly the virtual helicopter continually in a 3 dimensional field without using the invasive technology. The lead researcher Dr. He also mentioned that the new invention has opened new opportunities of using such technology in a wider sense.