Visa Blocks Funds for WikiLeaks again

Visa is still clocking payments to WikiLeaks and as a matter of fact WikiLeaks is still complaining about this. Visa said on Friday that it has ended a donation channel to WikiLeaks when payment processor temporarily accepted money transfer to an anti-secrecy site. Of so many financial and Internet service companies, Visa and MasterCard which cut off ties to WikiLeaks and then disclosing various confidential US documents. The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange asserts that the seven month long obstruction accounted thousands for his online groups.

A totally different scenario was witnessed on Thursday when both the companies suddenly changed their course after the announcement that donations to the site are being processed again by the WikiLeaks payment processor, DataCell ehf. Well, this is no less than an accident especially when Visa Europe Ltd. was concerned. According to an email to The Associated Press, WikiLeaks clarified that of its financial partners had briefly accepted payments on merchant site associated to WikiLeaks.
Visa blocks funds

With the spread of this news, company said that the action was already taken with the suspension of acceptance of Visa payment to the site remaining in place. It is entirely uncertain about the number of payments accepted or also if they were totally processed. Andreas Fink, DataCell Chief Executive gave the confirmation to the AP that credit card payments seems to have stopped. However he did not gave any indication for the reason behind its cause.

Andreas added that he would not exactly know about the number of payments which are successfully made to WikiLeaks until the technical staff examined the logs. MasterCard didn’t return either phone calls or emails which asked for comments. The question still exists whether or not donation to WikiLeaks was completely processed and if they were processed fully what amount made it to Interne group’s funds.