Vizioxvt3d554sv Is Sufficient Improvement From Previous Models But Still Lot Is Expected

Vizio has always been a pioneer in LCD TVs Industry and here they are with another great model which can bring the best out of any motion pictures.  The VizioXVT3D554SV is the latest one in the market and promises with a load of features, but unfortunately goes through all of its real time features it is a bit flatter to deceive. Vizio XVT3D554SV has been a sufficient improvement from its previous models but the depth of black is still not rectified. Every TV needs the best quality of Black image that gives the viewers a perfect and pleasing experience. But in the VizioXVT3D554SV it did not work out perfectly. The depth of black is not good which does not give much rating to this model. The shadow quality is good and it is probably one of the better things you can observe in this model. The blooming and brightness has certainly been quite high and it requires much time before you can really adjust it to your comfort.

However the image is stable and the blooming part does not really matter much since it has been improving compared to the earlier models. The color accuracy is one to look out for and yes, this TV lives up to its expectations. The image color is perfectly created and the saturation point is spot on. The redness is however a little high which obviously is a cause of concern but the other features gives it a nod from the experts. The refresh rate is quite on the higher side and it is all right for most part except in the action scenes were some ‘smearing’ occurs and the pictures are shown in 2D instead of 3D. This is a real concern and cannot be rectified even after all types of adjustment. The bright lighting feature hold true for most part but the screen uniformity was much disappointing. The edges of the TV were lighter in most parts and therefore it hampered much of the uniformity of the screen.

The best part of the TV lies in its 3D view in passive mode. The images are a bit soft but when you can use the cheaper 3D glasses you can get a better viewing experience. The audio quality, frankly, is not up to the mark. It is better to have an external speaker installed along with it instead of hearing the poor quality audio the model; has to offer. The QWERTY keypad and Wi-Fi technology however provides a great experience for the viewers. The model comes in a price of $2400, but surely this can be tried only for certain period of time, not for a big part of your life.