Vodafone Launches Blue Facebook Phone

Vodafone has been in the market of building QWERTY phones and providing social networking experience to all it users and to continue on their endeavor, they have brought out the Facebook 555 which in itself is very good one to have in your kitty. The full QWERTY keypad with trackball is great addition and the phone is really hardy. The quality of the keypad is very impressive and you can have all your typing done at ease. The 2.4” screen with TFT display supports up to 256K display has got good brightness and the display is really clear. The optical trackpad is located below the screen at the center with the menu keys beside it. The QWERTY keypad has a dedicated camera key which helps you to use the camera in one touch and take good quality pictures.

As concerning the camera, the 2 mega pixel camera with LED flash is quite good looking and handy to have when using it in daylight, but at nighttime it is better to avoid it for taking quality images. The images are a bit blurred when taken at night in spite of the LED flash being installed. The Facebook shortcut key is good to have to upload your status with one touch of a key. Also the theme and software of this phone is so designed that it looks like having the Facebook theme with the status update button at the top of your screen below which you see the time and date. The music player provides support for listening to all formats of music and the dedicated Volume rocker at the side also helps to the cause. The audio quality is pretty good. The loud speaker can produce substantial sound for your liking.

The handset has an internal memory of 40 Mb but it can be extended up to 16GB with the use of a micro SD card slot. 16 GB is enough space for you to store your music and photos. Also the 3.5mm jack helps you to connect to a headset and listen to your favorite tunes. The phone has dual band GSM and as for the connectivity part it only supports up to 2G and 2.5G when using EDGE. The lack of #G and Wimax technology does not help much when you are online and are trying to download movies or videos at very high speed and less time. The battery however has long life and for 2-3 days you do not need to charge it. All in all with the low price the Vodafone Facebook is a good deal to have for the features it provides.