Web Security Issues – Threats and Costs to Business Corporate

During the Sony’s annual general meeting in Tokyo last week, Howard Steger apologizes for the hacking attacks that resulted to the fall of stocks.  The evildoer behind the attack had escape.

Recently the 19 year old Ryan Cleary was convicted of hacking some of the biggest companies in the world.  The young boy is just part of a six-person group of hackers Lulz Security, a group that is responsible for hacking websites of Sony, Citigroup, Nintendo, the Central Intelligence Agency and HBGary Federal. Cleary and his friends are just doing it for fun.

However, this is not how the companies see it since some of their websites have shut down.  Take for instance is Sony Playstation, the company has to shut down its operation for several weeks, which resulted to lose that cost around US$170 million.

Hacking has been easy for the hackers since some of the biggest companies in the world is not yet prepare for the worst.  It should be noted that by having a website one is prone to hacking.  One should hire some decent programmer to prepare one’s site for hacking incidents.

Just like Ryan Cleary, who is just a teenager, there are lots of other hackers, who would also hack just for fun.  Companies should upgrade their web security since there are even far worse hackers that might get into their website’s security – someone that would sell the stolen information in exchange of money.  These types of hackers are serious on what they are doing.   They are even better than those college guys who are just trying to have fun by hacking some of the largest companies in the world. These are the organized criminal gangs that are in search of credit card numbers.  Some are even trying to hack the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

One of the commonest mistake of the companies is the “SQL injection” since it is easier for hackers to stole one’s data through it.  A hacker can easily obtain valuable information such as name, bank account numbers and any data that have value to them.

These hacking incidents are not as rocket science that some thinks it to be.  The hackers are able to get vital information with the use of software they are using to get the password.

These programming errors are the biggest threat to a company’s website as they can easily be detected by these hackers. Though software cleaning consumes lots of time, it could help the company in the long run.