Whitepaper-Trends in Changing Business Intelligence

As consider in the fundamental shifts that the world of business intelligence or BI is now experiencing a sea change after years of the relative stability. The old existing rules are now thumb with no longer apply and the companies also cannot assume that yesterday’s business intelligence strategies that may continue as a variable.

We can manage it differently instead of relying on instinct at the today’s business place where more stock refers a number crunching and objectively measuring performance.

Along with the users who experience data differently many people have to use web based application in order to manage or interact with their personal data for years. These consumer grade applications may rely on an intuitive as well as highly interactive experience along with near-instantaneous response.

Great expectations:
In spite of MapQuest, Facebook, Gmail for more specialized solutions the portfolio management and blog traffic analysis are now raising expectation for their users. So our BI applications must do the same if we want user to be engaged with this. Moreover information management technology is now leaping ahead so with the help of that it is now possible to derive genuine business insight from a large quantities of the data more quickly and even at less cost and effort than the earlier.

In short, all of these changes indicated that many of the old BI technologies, approaches and architectures are no longer in applied. So, now if businesses want to make some fact based decisions, which is based on the analysis of the data from a verity of data sources, it is possible.