Why Facebook should fear Google+?

Since the time that Google+ debuted about six weeks ago, many are thinking that it could mean the of Facebook’s reign.  People to focus on the features, apps, APIs, and its potential to grow to soar high just like Facebook or whether it will be like another Google Buzz in the making.

Although, the above factors are all vital, people are missing on the most crucial part about Google+.  They are not another Facebook.  They have not done what Facebook is doing right now to its users.  Most of the users of Facebook get annoyed whenever Facebook implements something new, which has no used to them.  This is the reason why Facebook satisfaction rating goes down.  In an article on PCmag, where they asked people if they are willing to ditch Facebook for Google+, 50% responded yes to the question.  Though those people that answer yes still use Facebook, the statistic indicates that people now frustrated with the services of Facebook.

Facebook is not in moral terms with its user as they are making too many changes that are not popular to its users.

There are cases when Facebook ties to make some changes on their site that they got uproar from the people, but Facebooks still goes on with the changes.  For instance, the time when Faceook introduces Friend’s list, only around 5 percent were using the feature, so Facebook changed its name to Groups.

Founder of Ancestry.com, Paul Allen says only 5 percent of their users got interested in the feature, but it means big for Facebook, so they go on with the feature and replace the old name with a new one.  No one could do anything about it, since they have no choice and forced to comply with the changes.

So far no social site has provided the same user experience that Facebook is providing, the users still uses Facebook in socializing with friends and love ones.  However, since there is Google+ right now, things could be different, and the next time that a user walks away from Facebook, they might not return anymore.

Google admits that their social site is not like Facebook in terms of the number of people using the site.  Users are not active since they could not find their friends on the site.  Google+ faces a problem that all social sites are facing when they are new.  No one is going to use their site until most of the people around the world are using it.

Google+ has more than 25 million users under its belt, despite the fact that it is for invitation only.  When Google decides to market their social site, things will change, and Facebook will have something to fear.