Wikileaks Website Become New Destination Of Hackers

Wikileaks website has become the latest victim of the cyber attacks – the entire report has come to the main focus while they have released thousands of US State Department communications. With the sequence to the fact in the Twitter page the authority of Wikileaks has stated “The website,, is presently under attack.”

The authority has also claimed that this time they have been hit by a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack, which is a very well known technique, in general used by most of the hackers in order to create disruption of any websites. Specifically a DDoS works by flooding the server with too much traffic or overload it and make it crash or unreachable to others.

With the sequence to the above fact in a tweet the authority of Wikileaks has stated “If you really want to help Wikileaks from this server attack then send us money, minimum of $5 for paying bills.” – in short they actually wants to get some refund to overcome from this situation.

But still it is not clear to us who is the actual cal pit behind this attack, because none has come to claim for this attack even not any group. So, a tension moment has been created within the authority of Wikileaks with that fact, though if we take a sharp look in the public voting list, then we can find that Lulzsec has occupied the first position and Anonymous has occupied the second position there, because at the past these hacking group have already left their marks by hacking several payment accounts.

Though, the company,, has recently claimed that they have overcome themselves from that situation, but still their website within the issue – which the company has claimed as the problem of its DNS cache, not happened for this attack.