Will Facebook end up like Myspace?

For years now, Facebook has been dominating the world of social sites.  If it can be remembered that recently its biggest competitor, Myspace was force to sell its company.  Currently, it seems that Facebook will end up just like Myspace.

Google + has just been launched for three weeks, but it has able to gather more than 18 million of users from around the world.  The growth rate is remarkably high that even Facebook is in danger of closing down.

At this moment, anyone could not join Google + without any invitation, but it manage to reach that high numbers. For the moment, its users are just spreading the invitation so fast that it looks as Google got a campaign running in for them.

Another factor, which might put Facebook in danger, is that they are not as popular as before for their users.  This is the result from a recent survey done by 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report.  However, Google seems the opposite of the survey for Facebook.

Paul Allen, a guy who has helped Ancestry.com before.  Allen testifies  his surname model has reached around 750,000 people joining the site by Monday.  There were two days were the numbers grew to 2 million.

The growth is despite the fact that Google never bother to promote the new social site.  Once that, Google tries to create its campaign for their social site, the numbers will grow to 10 million per day of users joining Google +.

Allen disclosed that his way of counting the people joining the social site is perfect since his numbers are just based on the surnames of people.

Right now, Facebook has the biggest number of users, but Brad Shimmin, an analyst with industry research firm Current Analysis says Facebook should be afraid of Google + since the latter is just three weeks old and yet it manages to gather around 18 million  users by purely invitation in just three weeks.

The customer satisfaction of Facebook is low because of some security issue and data privacy.   Their users might seek other options since they are not happy with Facebook anymore.  When that happens, Facebook will be losing a lot of users to Google +.

For the question, would Facebook share the same fate as Myspace, that question is going to remain unanswered for now?  However, the possibility of Google + outshining Facebook popularity is not far.

Facebook has incorporated some games and apps to keep the users coming back on their site.  Will this enough to stop the growing popularity of Google +?