Windows 8 launch date got postponed

Microsoft did not proceed with the introduction of the newest operating System.  Microsoft claims that there latest software not yet ready for the market since it is not only going to power desktop and laptop computers, but it is also been used as  OS for iPad.

Windows division president Steven Sinofsky emphasized touchscreen tablets on Tuesday while boasting about the diverse types of hardware, which Windows 8 will run after its certified release.

Sinofsky was part of a Microsoft team responsible for providing an in-depth look at Windows 8 to software developers at a BUILD conference the US technology giant, which is holding this week in southern California.

Windows 8  created so that all kinds of computers can easily be controlled with taps or swipes of screens, motions familiar to owners of smartphones or tablet computers.

It is said that the operating system  also designed to let individual applications to work together and, to allow coordination of files across several Windows 8 devices.

Sinofsky showed the point by letting someone take a picture using a camera-enabled desktop computer pop up on a tablet.

Microsoft hopes to shape Windows 8 to be its answer to criticism that it had given up on the tablet computer space to Google’s Android platform and Apple, which has ruled a market it stirred with the release of the iPad.

Microsoft was so keen on letting independent developers work on applications for Windows 8 that it gave tablet computer models to each of the 5,000 BUILD attendees, so they could begin messing with the software.

The week-long gathering is going to be overcrowded with sessions at which developers is going to be educated in nuances of building applications for Windows 8.

Software savants that can not attend during the event will have the chance to download developer copies of Windows 8 at starting at 0300 GMT on Wednesday.

Windows 8 will need to hit several more milestones before an enhanced version is going to be released to hardware makers for fixing in devices that are going to the market.

Microsoft hopes that Windows 8 is going to be refined with some help from feedback of developers. Microsoft did not announce a final date for releasing its latest OS.

Windows 8 also fashioned to have harmony with Live computer programs that Microsoft proposes as online services as part of a reinforcing trend toward using applications in the Internet “cloud.”

To date, there are around 542 million people monthly that signs into Windows Live services, the array of which includes Hotmail email, SkyDrive file storage, and Xbox gaming, based on the reports of Microsoft.