Windows 8 Samsung Tablet Will Launch This Week

Software giant Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 will make its first appearance at Microsoft’s annual Build conference this week – according to a new source report.

The report has also stated that the operating system will not come being packed in a DVD or any bootable device, because it is coming by holding the hand of a new tablet – which on the other hand can be declared the world first Windows 8 tablet, built by the tablet manufacturing company Samsung.

Microsoft upcoming operating system Windows 8 is based on a big colorful sequence or tiles, which is specially designed for looking good on the screen, apart from that it is too much friendly for touch screens too. The entire design of it is based on the Windows Phone interface.

With the sequence to the fact the authority has also declared that it will have an App Store, with the help of which the users of it can easily get supported software – on the other hand that will also run on Windows 8 computers and tablets.

Samsung has made this tablet with the help of Intel designed clips, which now a days mostly used in the PCs and moreover this tablet is associated with a low power chip that specifically used in the most of the Smartphones or UK-based ARM.

Microsoft has also promised that their this brand new operating system will run on other devices too including tablets, phones, desktops, laptops as well as PC. Moreover, it is also integrated with Xbox Live that’s why it will too much game friendly to.

Though we have not hard more than anything about Windows 8 in spite of its picture and promotional video, that’s why it is very difficult to say more about this operating system this moment. More details we shall publish in front of you after it’s successful appearance.