Windows Phone Usage Becomes Low

Software giant Microsoft now once again in the trouble, this time regarding with their Windows Phone Devices, because the report of the US mobile subscriber are stating that in the ocean of iOS or Android market the usage of the Windows Phone Devices are getting very low.

In this matter the comScore survey is also stating that over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the country like US are now decided to take windows phone as sidestep.

The entire report is the out come of the generated data by the comScore MobiLes service, which has shown that the ownership of the Microsoft Smartphone is getting down up to 5.8 percent since the period of June 2011. With comparison with ending of March 2011, this was 7.5 percent.

The report has also stated that Microsoft occupies the second last place in their least, just above of Symbian operating system. But, their points are almost equivalent.

Though, the software giant Microsoft has launched several Windows Phone Devices worldwide in order to reach them in to the hurt of more. To fulfill this fact Microsoft has now linked a deal with cell phone giant Nokia in last February, there they have decided to represent Nokia Cell Phone in Windows Platform by bumping Symbian status.

Moreover, the company Microsoft has recently published their next generation operating system, which code name is Mango. This new operating system has packed up with couple of interesting features such as IE9, HTML5, Twitter and Facebook Integration, better multitasking support as well as an improved massaging system.

The company Microsoft is now starting to believe their, this new operating system Mango will quite be able to boost up themselves in the leading position of this Smartphone industry.