Windows Phones Will Offer LTE And Dual Core Processors

There are already lots of discussions going on in the market about the Windows Phones. We have already received waves of surprises from the makers of windows phones. But the recent announcement made at the company’s side is indicating to the fact that there are lots more to come.

After releasing the Windows Phone 7 Platform, commercially named Mango Microsoft is going to associate their new mobile handsets with LTE Network Support and the Dual Core Processors very soon.

Till now the Dual Core Processors were missing in the new mobile handsets introduced by Microsoft. It has been considered as a negative marking for the handsets. With such a minus point it was not possible for Microsoft to secure a position in a market, where super featured Android phones and iPhones already rule. So, now when Microsoft has promised to offer the feature of having dual core processors, it seems like Microsoft has started to shape itself to give a good competition to Android Phones and iPhones. It has been declared at the company’s side that Microsoft was not against using dual core processors, but it was just waiting to build up a proper system that could support the dual core processors.

Here the question arises that what made Microsoft too late to feature LTE network support. The head of the windows phone unit Mr. Andy Lees has replied by supporting the company’s decision that Microsoft is just waiting for the time, when the company will be able to prevent the too much burning of battery life due to support the LTE network.

According to sources, Microsoft is now concentrating on the coming big up gradation of the windows phone platform. The windows phone 7 platform has already impressed its users. So, it is quite predictable that Microsoft along with its upgraded version of windows phone platform and new additions of LTE network support and dual core processors is going to mark itself as a huge rival of Android phones and iPhones in the market.