Windows XP Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Today

Software giant Microsoft introduced the first copies of Windows XP operating system to the PC manufacturers 10 years before the date of today. Not only that day by day XP became their popular operating system of all the time and in this matter it left the popularity of their other Operating System Windows 2000 and Windows Me behind.

In short Windows XP can be defined as the first consumer oriented operating system – specially built on the Windows NT kernel base. Day by day this brand new operating system has become so much popular that the company had forced to release its new version such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

Just one month before its official release date of this operating system, devilsOwn had released a volume license key for using at the time of bypassing the product activation – in a sentence it gave million of users to install this operating system without paying anything for it.

There after suddenly the company ceased the entire OEM and retails sells of XP in June 2008, though after that the company Microsoft launched an upgraded version of this XP OS which they called Service Pack 3 and decided to give its running support till April 8, 2014.

But unfortunately last month the uses of Windows XP finally fell below the 50 percent mark – the company Microsoft expects that this happen due to the increasing success and popularity of their brand new operating system Windows 7, which at present holds near about 30 percent of their market.

So, now Microsoft is urging its customer to upgrade their operating system to Windows Vista or Windows 7. But Avast, open source antivirus software provider, has claimed that Windows XP is the home to 74 percent of their customers.

Additionally the company Microsoft is celebrating the birthday of Windows 95 operating system, which they released 16 years ago the day of today.