Windows XP now fail to make it to even half of the world’s PC

It is no doubt surprising for many of us but it is true that Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system is now being used on less than of the world total number of computers. According to the latest analysis from net Application, it was known that Windows XP had 49.7 percent of world’s operating system market as of in July 2011. This has surely surprised many of those using Windows XP or even common users as well. The figure has certainly fallen down as it was 51 per cent in June whereas it was in majority of 62 per cent of the total market back in July 2010.

Windows Vista also saw a decline in its market share. Windows Vista which was released between Windows XP and Windows 7 has 14.3 per cent market OS share worldwide last year which fall down to just 9.3 per cent this year. But at the same time Windows 7 has marked a tremendous growth in its market share. Microsoft’s present desktop Operating System, Windows 7, had 14.5 per cent of market share last year whereas this year Microsoft’s window 7 successfully made it to 27.9 percent, as per the figures in July 2011.
Windows XP

When Windows Vista and Windows XP are experiencing a reduced market share of the total OS market share, Windows 7 is marking excellence. It is quite evident from this scenario that the shift from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7 has made Windows 7 a promising OS with bright future and demand in the OS market.  Thereby it would not be wrong to mention here that Windows 7 is abridging the gap for the company which Windows Vista and XP have created for the company.

Windows 7 is the company’s fastest and the best selling Operating System ever and the Microsoft itself agrees to it, and that Windows 7 hit 350 million license sales in April. Analyst house Gartner recommends that the companies make transition to compatible Windows 7 as Microsoft will end its official support of XP in April 2014. Doing such a transition or in clear terms the advancement would eliminate issues because the newer applications will not work with the older Operating System. In the mean time, MAC OS X remains too much in the minority of total operating system market share and is even growing. Its market share has also increased from 2.5 per cent in July 2010 to 3.8 per cent in July 2011.