Wired Connectivity of Mobile Internet Access Will Surpass

Market researching firm IDS has recently uncovered their latest NMMM or Worldwide New Media Market Model – which has said that all the mobile internet access will soon be surpassed by the number of wired connection in the US. On the other hand this entire prediction has stated that in America the usage of mobile internet by Cell phones and Tablets will be increased day to day, but the usage of home PC to get online will be decreased day to day.

The research has also stated that every year more than 16.6 percent of people in America are involving with mobile internet group, so as a result it will be increased a lot between now and 2015. But unfortunately the using of PC internet is decreasing day by day – it is not only happening in America, beside that, in the mean time it is also increasing in Japan and Western Europe as well.

With the sequence to the fact Karsten Weide, vice president of IDS research firm, has stated “We actually forget whatever we have taken for granted and how our consumers use the internet.”

Just after finished the first statement he has also added “It is not too far while more users will access the Web via using cell phones or tablets in spite of using PCs and it will take the internet service to a very different place.”

The research has also said that the total number of users, who access the internet with the help of a mobile device, will grow near about 40 percent from 2010 to 2015, which approximate total will be 2 billion to 2.7 billion. In spite of that its business will spread rapidly by the year 2015, which annual growth rate will be 12.7 percent then.