Wireless technolgy helps in controlling large fire

Although, the biggest fire in Mexico history is not yet out, the fire is now 70% contained.  The fire that has wreck havoc among provinces of Mexico is slowly decreasing because of the collaboration of the fire department and other agencies through wireless technology.

Doug Tucker, fire chief of Los Alamos County say the impact on the community is enormous.  It is one of the most devastating fires ever.

To contain the fire, around 4,000 firefighters from all over the country have come to help in putting down the fire. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, a research center, which contains nuclear material also the birthplace of the atomic bomb was one of the threatened buildings in the area. With the collaborative efforts of the fire department from all over the country, they are able to shift the directions to the north and west.

Even the fighter is now redirected; it does not mean that the threat is now over for Los Alamos is over.  The fire has taken out most of the trees along the hillsides on top of the town.  Once rainy season comes, it would cause a large flash flood since there are no more trees to control the water in the area.

Although their minds boggled by the new threat when the rainy season comes, they are still happy that the fire is now contained.  If ever, there were no communications between the firefighters and the agencies, then the situation would have been far worst.

Stephen Smith, IT director for Santa Ana Pueblo say the time that the Forest Service decided to create a command center at the Pueblo, wireless network companies asked the people to provide access to their Exalt microwave system to provide them with Internet access.  Since they have connected the companies’ command center with the system, they have no trouble on communication anymore.

The Forest Service set up fire command center at Santa Ana Pueblo, to better manage the fighters that are close to the area. The agency uses a system to link the command center, and the Pueblo’s data center together so that they could order supplies, schedule deliveries, and perform other necessary functions.

Jack Gorman of Access Technologies in Albuquerque, New Mexico says the command center provides them with Internet connection, which allows them to communicate on all parts of the world. However, the connections were not as good as it is right now.

The Sante Fe area command unit instructing firefighters on the most effective means to contain the flames. Also, provides planning and support to direct the men present during the fire catastrophe.